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Troy Anand and RWF Hunt Scholarships

There is one $1,000 bursary available each year. The bursary is open to first year college or university students.


Where to Apply:

All applications must be submitted to the Thompson Chamber of Commerce either by mail to: PO Box 363, Thompson, MB R8N 1N2
or by email to:


Scholarship application deadline is May 31, 2016

Download application form and supporting documents

Troy Anand Scholarship Application Form (Excel)
Troy Anand Scholarship Poster (DOC)

R.W.F. Hunt Scholarship

The Chamber established the R.W.F. Hunt Scholarship in 2002.  Mr. Hunt was the first president of the Thompson Chamber of Commerce.

There is one $1,000 bursary available each year, one per student.  However, the Chamber is not obliged to award the bursary.

The bursary is open to first and second year university/college students who are studying in a business-related field.


  1. Proof of acceptance/enrollment at a college or university, majoring in business administration, marketing or related business programs
  2. Proof of residence within Thompson’s trading area**
  3. Completed application form
  4. Interview with Thompson Chamber of Commerce scholarship committee

Where to Apply:

Download application below or at the Chamber office at City Centre Mall, Thompson

Note: Students whose education is funded by an agency or organization are not eligible for this scholarship

**  Thompson’s trading area includes the following communities:
Thompson, South Indian Lake, Leaf Rapids, Lynn Lake, Nelson House,
Split Lake, Gillam, Wabowden, Ilford, Pikwitonei, Thicket Portage,
Cross Lake, Norway House


Scholarship application deadline is May 31, 2016

Download application form and supporting documents

Hunt Bursary Application Form (Excel)
Frequently Asked Questions (DOC)


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the scholarship only apply to universities and colleges in Manitoba?

The scholarship will be awarded to the student to use at whichever university/college he or she is accepted. The only requirement is that there be proof of acceptance.

What is meant by Thompson’s trading area?

Although Thompson is not recognized as a region unto itself, there are many surrounding communities which are involved with Thompson on commerce, educational, political, cultural and recreational levels. Thompson’s trading area encompasses those communities.

Do I have to be a Grade 12 graduate or have GED equivalency?

Although this is not a requirement of the bursary, you may find it is a requirement for entering the university/college of your choice.

Am I still eligible if I am receiving other scholarships and/or funding?

Students who are seeking assistance through other bursaries and scholarships will still be eligible for the R.W.F. Hunt Scholarship. However, students whose education is funded by an agency or other organization will not be eligible.