Thompson Chamber of Commerce
#202 – 55 Selkirk Dr,
PO Box 363,
Thompson, MB, R8N 1N2

Toll Free 1-888-307-0103

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Membership Directory

T.E. Holdings
Box 1960
Yellowknife, MB   XIA 2P5
Phone: 794-6181

The Brick
91 Nelson Road
Thompson, MB   R8N 0B7
Phone: 778-7878
Phone: 1-877-584-3111
Fax: 778-5282

The Hub
PO Box 41
Thompson, MB   R8N 1M9
Phone: 204-778-5630
Fax: 204-778-7897

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army
305 Thompson Dr
Thompson, MB   R8N 1W0
Phone: 204-677-3658
Fax: 204-677-5283
Email: betty-lou

Thibault Investments
101-55 Selkirk Avenue
Thompson, MB   R8N 0M5
Phone: 778-8307
Fax: 677-8641

Thiessen Auto Parts
91 Kelsey Bay
Thompson, MB   R8N 1S3
Phone: 677-4516
Phone: 1-877-227-2787
Fax: 778-5217

Thompson Auto Wash
5 Thompson Drive N
Thompson, MB   R8N 2B5
Phone: 204-677-2004

Thompson Children's World Daycare Inc.
19 Elizabeth Drive
Thompson, MB   R8N 1S7
Phone: 204-677-5082
Fax: 204-677-5082

Thompson Citizen
141 Commercial Place
Box 887
Thompson, MB   R8N 1N8
Phone: 677-4534
Fax: 677-3681

Thompson Citizenship Council Inc (Multicultural Centre)
97 McGill Place
Thompson, MB   R8N 0H9
Phone: 204-778-6434
Phone: 204-778-3792

Thompson Community Foundation
PO Box 1074
Thompson, MB   R8N 1N9
Phone: 204-677-1908
Fax: 204-677-1909

Thompson Crisis Centre
Box 1226
Thompson, MB   R8N 1P1
Phone: 677-9668
Phone: 1-877-977-0007
Fax: 677-8376

Thompson Eye Care Centre
436 Thompson Drive
Thompson, MB   R8N 0C6
Phone: 677-7890
Fax: 677-7890

Thompson Ford Sales
15 Station Road
Thompson, MB   R8N 0N6
Phone: 778-6386
Fax: 778-6700

Thompson Gas Bar Co-op Ltd
722 Thompson Dr
722 Thompson Dr
Thompson, mb   R8N 1Z9
Phone: 204-778-7649
Fax: 204-778-5139

Thompson Home Hardware
8 Station Road
Thompson, MB   R8N 0N4
Phone: 677-2770
Fax: 778-8898

Thompson Humane Society
27 Nelson Road
27 Nelson Road
Thompson, MB   R8N 0B3
Phone: 204-778-3513

Thompson Inn
1 Public Road
Thompson, MB   R8N 0M3
Phone: 677-2371
Phone: 1-800-803-3182
Fax: 778-8442

Thompson Insurance
33 Selkirk Avenue
Thompson, MB   R8N 0M5
Phone: 677-4574
Fax: 778-6622

Thompson Liquor Mart
131 Selkirk Avenue
Box 130
Thompson, MB   R8N 1M9
Phone: 677-0210
Fax: 778-8483

Thompson Reg'l Airport Authority
Thompson Airport
Box 112
Thompson, MB   R8N 1M9
Phone: 778-6448
Fax: 778-6477

Thompson Seniors Resource Council
131 Centennial Dr. W
Thompson, MB   R8N 1Z4
Phone: 204-679-2564
Fax: 677-9676

Thompson Veterinary Clinic
40 Nelson Road
Thompson, MB   R8N 0B4
Phone: 778-8309
Fax: 677-4766

Twin Motors Thompson Ltd.
40 Station Rd
Thompson, MB   R8N 0N4
Phone: 204-677-2312